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Updated: 12- 20 - 2016

       Post Election Edition 

                l    California Legislators Pro-Life Score Charts - 2016 post-election
These handy charts list California legislators in the Statehouse and Congress after the November 2016 elections.   
                      Their position on abortion, parental notification, and physician assisted suicide is shown. The charts reveal a stark 
                      difference between Democratic and Republican legislators and may cause some voters to reconsider their party 
                      affiliation. See the Pro-Life Score Charts for California Members of Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly. 

        A Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to End Abortion
Throughout Scripture two conditions sever man’s relationship with God and bring destruction upon nations:
                        idolatry and shedding innocent blood. Abortion reeks of both. Abortion sacrifices an innocent preborn child, 
                       made in the image of God, for choice.

                        In legalized abortion America has an unprecedented national policy of unrestrained killing of innocent human 
It places America at enmity with God.
For this reason abortion must be made illegal as a national policy.
                      Nothing less will do. 

ctivities comprising the pro-life movement can be placed in two categories: 1) activities that reduce legal abortion, 
                    and 2) activities that end legal abortion. These are not mutually exclusive activities. If combined they have the 
                    potential to end the abortion holocaust. 

                   However, where s focus is exclusively on reducing abortion, no matter how well intentioned and dedicated the  
                  endeavor, that activity is essentially living with abortion and preborn children will continue to die. It provides no 
                  enforceable means of ending abortions throughout our nation. Only a life amendment will achieve that.

                 Crusade for Life, Inc. has initiated the campaign to place a Life Amendment in the U. S. Constitution. Rational for its 
                 need, its benefits, and
its plausibility can be found at www.lifeamendment.org   Information on Crusade For Life may 
                 be found at www.CrusadeForLife.org  


Life Priority Network is dedicated to restoring legal protection for the preborn child; maintaining legal protection for the elderly, infirmed, and disabled; and proclaiming mankind's God-given unalienable right to life.  

We subscribe to Principles of the Pro-Life Cause , a concise statement of Vision, Mission, Core Values and Beliefs for all pro-lifers  which was drafted in April 2008 by 21 pro-life leaders and activists from across America.

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