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Updated: 2 - 3 - 2019

       2019 Winter Edition 

                   l Action Alert!
State Senate bill SB 24 would provide chemical abortions at California college and university student  
                            health centers. It is an attack on the moral integrity of college students and on the lives of their unborn 
                            children. It shifts the overhead cost and liability of abortion from the abortion cartel to you the taxpayer.
                                                            Read the details and take action!   click here

                  Registering Voters in Church 
It is perfectly legal to register voters in church. What better source of voters who have a
Biblical standard 
                          by which to elect governing officials
than is a Christian church. You can easily register voters at your 
                          church with this packet of instructions and materials that contains:
                              1.  How to approach your pastor and instructions for voter registration in church
                              2.  Reasons for registering or re-registering to vote
                              3.  A comparison of the two major party platforms on life issues.   Republican   Democrat
                             4.  Hard-hitting examples of California legislation that
demonstrate a lack of church influence
                                        Abortion        Sex Change        Sex Ed    
                             5.  A real-life example of what a church can do to help prevent such legislation

                 l    California Legislators Pro-Life Score Charts
These handy charts list California legislators in the Statehouse and Congress as of December  2018.  
                       Their position on abortion, parental notification, and physician assisted suicide is shown. The charts 
                       reveal a stark difference between Democratic and Republican legislators and may cause some voters 
                       to reconsider their party affiliation. 
                      See the Pro-Life Score Charts for California Members of Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly. 

        A Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to End Abortion
                     The campaign to place a Life Amendment in the U. S. Constitution is under way. Rationale for its need, its 
and its plausibility can be found at www.lifeamendment.org    


Life Priority Network is dedicated to restoring legal protection for the preborn child; maintaining legal protection for the elderly, infirmed, and disabled; and proclaiming mankind's God-given unalienable right to life.  

We subscribe to Principles of the Pro-Life Cause , a concise statement of Vision, Mission, Core Values and Beliefs for all pro-lifers  which was drafted in April 2008 by 21 pro-life leaders and activists from across America.

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